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Three separate images on a metallic rainbow background. The first image is of a roller skater in full safety equipment jumping over another roller skater. The middle image is a closeup of a lady's face wearing reflective sunglasses. Casa Batlo can be seen in the reflection. The image on the right is from behind a skater skating along a footpath lined with palm trees.

Roller Skate & CREATE

I'm an American designer living and working in Barcelona. Design and athletics are both passions in my life, and I try to immerse myself in both as much as possible. LGBTQ+ rights is at the forefront of my values. I care about sustainable and ethical living, and I love to center myself with brands that align with those values.


Creating, building and refining brands is exciting to me, and I'm very grateful for the opportunity and trust to help create or modify a brand identity. My work is excellent because I care, and I will absolutely put in the time and effort required to get a great end result. 

After working as a graphic designer in the roller skate industry for over a decade, I started Create & Skate Factory as a passion project. Be sure to take a look at my shop!

Besides being a designer, I am also a seasoned roller derby skater, wife to the best guy, and mamma to a little kiddo. I love to spend my time roller skating the streets of Barcelona! 

If you want to know more about my education and work in graphic design and branding, you can find me on LinkedIn.


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